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Traditional Library Style


Books bound in Traditional Library Style may be sewn by an oversew machine which uses nylon thread to hold the pages together. Specialized glue and reinforcement materials are added to the spine area for even greater durability. The hard cover is made using Grade F Buckram cloth material.



















Sunbeam Buckram is an aqueous coated book cloth that is ideal for applications which endure a great deal of wear. Buckram is designed for durability and longevity. It is a washable material that is mildew, UV and abrasion resistant and the extremely uniform surface lends itself well to decoration.

Cloth Hard Cover with Foil Stamping

 We offer perfect binding using PUR adhesive for both Hard Cover and Soft Cover books.

Perfect Binding (adhesive)

Advantages of PUR Adhesive


Polyurethane Reactive, also called PUR, is a polyurethane adhesive which allows for lay flat binding. PUR is the strongest, most flexible and versatile binding adhesive available. The page pull strength of a PUR-bound book is more than 2 1/2 times that of a standard perfect-bound book using EVA (ethylene vinyl acetate) adhesive.  Books bound with PUR adhesive under normal use, will last many years.


The composition of PUR adhesive enables it to form a strong bond with the paper even in the presence of inks, coatings and varnishes.  This is in contrast to EVA perfect binding where these types of materials are not recommended because they may not adhere well. Another major advantage of PUR adhesive is its flexibility once cured. This allows the spine be to rounded if needed. PUR adhesive offers much more flexibility than traditional binding adhesives, and PUR-bound books have the flexibility approaching that of the "lay-flat" binding technique.



The strength, flexibility and durability of PUR adhesive overcomes many of the inherent concerns of perfect binding. Designers are free to use ink coatings liberally, as PUR will form a super-strong bond for years.

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